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   “Adoption is not about unwanted babies — it is about unwanted mothers.”

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"Why BIRTHMOTHER Means BREEDER" by Diane Turski
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dear birthmother letters

"Adoption is a violent act, a political act of aggression towards a woman who has supposedly offended the sexual mores by committing the unforgivable act of not suppressing her sexuality, and therefore not keeping it for trading purposes through traditional marriage. The crime is a grave one, for she threatens the very fabric of our society. The penalty is severe. She is stripped of her child by a variety of subtle and not-so-subtle manoeuvres and then brutally abandoned." - Joss Shawyer, "Death by Adoption" Cicada Press (1979)
The First Mothers Action Group: Who We Are

We are a group of mothers who lost children to adoption, not by "informed choice" but through fraud, coercion, and force. None of us would have chosen what we have gone through. Most of us are reunited with adult children, but some are recent victims of the "open adoption" lie -- having been promised open adoptions which then closed.

Those of us who have reunited now see first-hand the damage that adoption did to our children.

Our Mission - To Present The TRUTH About Adoption

  1. To campaign for the right of all pregnant women to be FULLY informed of a) the effects of surrender BEFORE THE FACT and b) their rights of access to support resources to help them keep their babies.
  2. To educate of other members of the adoption group and the general public about the injustices done to the First Mother as per coercion, social pressures and worse.
  3. To apply continuous pressure on the media to discontinue its persistent derogatory portrayal of first mothers. This, as well as #2, is a civil rights issue!
  4. To campaign for the law to recognize the inherent right of first parents to know the welfare and condition of their surrendered children - that being unable to know the ongoing welfare and condition of the child you love is unimaginable cruelty. Further that, if any young women DO choose to surrender to a so-called "open" adoption, that the agreement be enforceable by law.
  5. To support equal access to opened records for first parents in addition to open records for adoptees.
  6. To support INVESTIGATION into unethical, improper and illegal adoption practices and the abuse of human and civil rights of mothers in North America.
  7. To campaign for: 1) a Truth and Reconciliation Hearings in the U.S. and a Congressional Investigation into adoption industry practices, and 2) a Parliamentary Inquiry in Canada into adoption industry practices in Canada.
  8. To research and promote alternatives to adoption that do not involve the destruction of the natural family, coercive/forced surrender, or other unethical or fraudulent adoption practices.
  9. To expose the industry-led white-washing of adoption that is called "Positive/respectful Adoption Language" for as being the anti-natural-family campaign that it is, and to promote "Honest Adoption Language."

Our Projects

The BEBA website, Celebrating Natural Families! website (KeepYourBaby.com), and Birthmothers.info are our three most visible projects. Members are also active in writing to the media and legislators in order to support open records and to address misinformation about natural parents.

      Joining First Mothers Action

This group is by "invitation only," in that new members must be sponsored by existing members. If you are looking for activist groups to join that are "open" in membership, then we recommend the groups on our Resources Page (CCNM, Origins, Origins-USA, CUB, MSN Adoption Insights, MSN Adoptese, etc.). Some of our members are active in some of these groups and we can get to know you through your membership and your work in them and others, making sponsorship possible.

    What about Exiled fathers?

Exiled natural fathers are important as well, but their issues are slightly different in focus than those of natural mothers. Currently, our group is for mothers only (this might change in the future), but we encourage natural fathers to become active in groups such as CUB, Origins Canada, and Trackers International. We look forward to working in cooperation with natural fathers in other groups.

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