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Saks Newborn Nursery Adoption Dolls - What is the Message to Little Girls?

  by Laurie Frisch

Teaching children that babies are more special if they are purchased by you rather than born to you should ensure the adoption industry a market for babies well into the future. When there is a large market for babies and few real orphans, exploitation of naïve young mothers and poor families occurs.

Marion, IA (PRWEB) September 14, 2004 -- The Middleton Doll Company recently announced that its Lee Middleton Original Dolls Subsidiary will expand its Newborn Nursery® Adoption Centers into five additional Saks Department Store Group locations. The new centers will be located in Parisian stores in Rochester Hills, Mich. and Alpharetta, Ga., a McRae's store in Sanford, Fla., a Carson Pirie Scott store in Lombard, Ill., and the Boston Store at the Mayfair Shopping Center in Milwaukee.

The Newborn Nursery® with all the dolls lined up must look enticing to little girls. The babies are described as “anxiously awaiting a loving home”. A prospective adopter is encouraged to choose a doll that looks like her and to reject a doll that does not meet her idea of perfection. She fills out an application which is quickly approved. Then the prospective adopter puts on a hospital gown and the store assistant, dressed as a nurse, gives the baby a “check-up”.

Will the adopter be “rescuing” a baby from a bad situation or a drug-addicted mother? Not likely. According to the announcement these are healthy babies: “Once the ‘nurse’ determines the baby doll is healthy enough to be ‘adopted,’ the parent-to-be is able to hold her new baby doll for the first time.”

After the prospective adopter is given baby-care instruction, the doll is placed in her arms and a photo taken. The adopter receives a falsified birth certificate on which is written the baby name she chose, a falsified date of birth (the date of adoption may be used), and her own name as having given birth. Later, when the adoptee becomes suspicious and questions it, the photo of the adopter wearing the hospital gown while holding the baby will give credence to the lie that it was the adopter who gave birth. Before the transaction is complete, the adopter may be encouraged by the nurse’s words “You are such a good mommy”.

Newborn Nursery® dolls sell for only $99.99, far less than a real infant who may be “purchased” from a lawyer or “adoption professional” for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in United States.

Absent from the Newborn Nursery® are the babies’ mothers and the original birth certificates. Will any little girl think about this? Perhaps the mention of “awaiting a loving home” provides the desired inference - it must be that the mothers of these healthy-looking adorable babies didn’t even want them.

In reality, all infants who are adopted must be born. They have a true birth certificate which includes their own name lovingly chosen by their real mother if she was permitted to do so.

By the time their babies are born, their mothers have usually spent between six and eight months worrying about and caring for their them. During pregnancy, they take the dreaded large vitamin pills in spite of morning sickness, drink milk, eat and exercise as directed by their doctors. They delight in the feel of little feet and arms poking out of their bellies as their baby changes positions. They sing and talk to their babies. They often spend hours creating hand-made gifts or selecting something special for their baby. In the later months, their backs may fuse up at night from the strain produced by the weight of their baby, making it hard to roll out of bed. Labor may be a long and arduous experience and birth may bring with it great joy over a beautiful healthy son or daughter. Despite all this, it’s unlikely the natural mother will be told “You are such a good mommy.” or even have it acknowledged that she is her child’s mother at all. Instead she will be called a “birth thing”.

Mothers anguish over the loss of their child in advance of birth and forever afterwards. Having been surrounded by all the advertising for adoption and hearing nothing of the reality, parents or grandparents may believe adoption is truly best for their child/grandchild. Adoption lawyers cannot be expected to be honest with the natural family - they rarely consider anything but their own monetary interests. And it’s unlikely an “adoption professional” will provide honest information concerning the known life-long effects of separation on a newborn baby and her mother, either. It’s unlikely they will offer any sort of real help or encouragement to a mother or father to keep their child. After all, they don’t achieve “angel” status or get raises or bonuses for helping real moms - they get these things for “finding” healthy infants.

Over time, the adoption industry has become increasingly clever in shaping public opinion in order to obtain babies and build a market for them. Getting little girls involved through play-acted infant adoption via the Newborn Nursery® may be the best method yet. Teaching very young children to deny an adoptee’s identity and heritage will help to ensure adoptee human and civil rights violations continue. Denying any acknowledgement of the source of the “adoptable” babies encourages the continued exploitation of nice, naïve young mothers and poor families. Teaching children that babies are more special if purchased by you rather than born to you should ensure the adoption industry a market for babies well into the future.


Source: Saks Newborn Nursery Adoption Dolls - What is the Message to Little Girls?


Note: "Birthmother" is a dehumanizing and coercive term, which makes a mother appear as if she was only the source of a baby for adoption, not her child's mother and parent. Instead of "birthmother", "birthmom", "birthfather", "birthparent" (aka "birth object") the honest terms "mother", "father" and "parent" should be used. If necessary, mothers whose children have been adopted-out may be called "natural mothers" to distinguish them from the people who adopted their children.

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